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Ultimaker S5 UM-S5

Ultimaker S5


Ultimaker S5 adds enhanced performance with a larger build volume, effortless operation, and unparalleled reliability. A clean and stylish design the S5 has an extended build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. Giving you the scale you need to print extended designs with the same Ultimaker reliability and ease of use.

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Product Information

Function with form
The Ultimaker S5 packs powerful technology in a simple, clean, stylish enclosure that fits right in with your office. An enclosed front, with tinted glass doors, ensures that the internal temperature and airflow is optimal. An intuitive touchscreen interface guides you through operation of the printer, and displays detailed status information. Frame lights provide visual feedback, and project clean white light to overview and inspect your print up close. And an embedded power supply gives the printer a clean footprint, making it ideal for shelf or rack mounting.

Reliability at scale
The Ultimaker S5 has a large build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. Print at large scale, or fit multiple parts on a build plate, so you can get the dimensions you designed for. And in combination with Cura Connect, group multiple Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 printers together to maximize production efficiency.

Ultimaker S5 user 

Reliable adhesion, from first layer to finished part
A perfect first layer is crucial to every 3D print. To ensure that this happens every time, we have overhauled our active leveling technology. The Ultimaker S5 probes the build plate in a greater number of locations, creating a precisely detailed heightmap of the build surface. Using this data, it compensates for any surface deviations in real time, giving you a perfect, ultra-flat first layer, with secure adhesion that lasts the entire print. There’s no need for constant monitoring - just start a print and leave the Ultimaker S5 to do its job, while you do yours.

High uptime and greater flexibility
Swappable print cores enables effortless, tool-free maintenance and maximum printer uptime. Achieve different print characteristics using different nozzle sizes, ranging from 0.8 mm for rapid prints, to 0.25 mm for ultra-fine detail. With two available print core slots in the print head, quickly and easily click in your desired combination for reliable dual-extrusion. Print with different colors for aesthetic impact, or use water-soluble PVA or Breakaway support for full geometric freedom, easy post-processing, and a high-quality surface finish, so that tactile presentation models, or complex mechanical parts look polished and professional.

To get accurate, consistent results with a range of materials, the Ultimaker S5 uses two interchangeable build plates: hardened glass for general use, and ultra-flat anodized aluminum (available fall 2018 ) for advanced engineering materials, such as ABS, CPE+, and PC. Each build plate quickly and easily clips onto an extra-stiff cast aluminum heated platform, keeping your print securely in place for the entire print duration.

Ultimaker S5 screen

Full control at your fingertips
A responsive, full-color touchscreen, integrated into the front panel of the Ultimaker S5, makes operation intuitive, effortless, and informed. Swipe through menus and tap options to select them, just like a smartphone. Detailed information, such as loaded materials, print cores, and the build plate and nozzle temperature keeps you up to date about jobs in progress, and a 3D preview lets you see what’s printing at a glance. And with eleven supported display languages, including English, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the Ultimaker S5 is accessible to users all over the world.

Main Ultimaker 3 Specifications
● Build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm
● Minimum layer resolution, 20 micron for 0.4mm nozzle
● Maximum layer resolution, 600 micon for 0.8mm nozzle
● Print temperature up to 290˚C
● Heated build plate with active leveling
● Build plate temperature, 20 - 140°C
● Dual extrusion with a soluble support material
● Swappable print cores


Download Ultimaker S5 specification sheet HERE