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Autodesk Maya LT is more cost-effective 3D animation and modelling software built for professional indie game makers. Features in Maya LT are designed to make each step of the 3D creative process faster for experienced 3D artists and easier to learn for new users. Using a 3D tool and working in an environment that shows 3D art as it appears in-game helps indie game makers work more efficiently and allows for better re-use of artistic content. The set of 3D creative tools in Maya LT empowers game makers to realize the full creative potential of their game design.

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Product Information

Maya LT introduces new, brush-based sculpting tools that improve modelling workflows. Other improvements include a new physically-based ShaderFX material, SplineIK, cluster deformation, viewport enhancements, and small tweaks based on user feedback.

Integrated sculpting tools

Brush-based sculpting is now available directly in Maya LT, which gives artists a way to do high level sculpting on their model without having to export to a different tool. This helps artists achieve their artistic style more easily by reducing time transferring models between tools when only small adjustments are needed. Basic starter meshes are included, and can be used as a starting point to save artists time, and help beginners learn faster.

Physically based ShaderFX nodes
ShaderFX gets a new, physically based shading material so that artists can make more realistic and higher quality materials. This lets artists create high quality materials directly in Maya LT instead of in the engine, making it easier for the artist to achieve the result they want.

Improved animation tools
Maya LT expands the tools available for animating characters and objects for games. New Spline IK and cluster deformation help artists animate non-humanoid characters more easily, increasing the diversity of game characters possible. Exporting animations is much easier and faster with an update to the Game Exporter tool, which makes it easier to manage and export multiple animation clips in one file or multiple files.

Improved modelling and UV tools
New updates to modelling and UV tools in Maya LT make it easier to create and edit UV maps. A new set of UV brushes based on Autodesk Mudbox brushes provide a more intuitive workflow for artists, including the interactive cut/sew edge tool, automatic projection, pinning, weld, split, and unfold brushes.

File export poly cap increased
Maya LT 2016 now supports scene or scene selection export up to 100,000 polygons (quads) in the fBX or OBJ file formats. Artists can still create scenes in unlimited sizes within Maya LT and save those scenes in the Maya LT proprietary format, MLT.
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