Autodesk ReCap 360 Pro919F1-008971-T384

Autodesk ReCap Pro

Capture and integrate reality and scan data directly into your design process with Autodesk ReCap reality capture software and services. ReCap works with Autodesk design and creation software, so you can start your design, your renovation, or your retrofit work with accurate 3D scanning data and full photo-quality context.

Includes 100GB of A360 cloud storage

Windows software

Product Information

Autodesk ReCap Comparison Sheet
Import scans in various formats
ReCap 360 supports text-based formats, as well as formats from all major 3D laser scanner manufacturers. Import 3D laser scans into a ReCap native data format for preparation and use in Autodesk Industry Collections.

Real Views
Create photorealistic 2.5D panoramic visualizations from terrestrial laser scans. Navigate panoramas using a 2D map.

Autodesk ReCap Scan

Point cloud viewing and editing

Clean and organize point cloud data with simple editing and selection tools and regioning capabilities.

Autodesk ReCap Scan

Automatic registration
Combine laser scans more easily with targetless automatic registration that recognizes common overlap in separate scans without sacrificing registration quality.

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